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Sep 19, 2021

To keep the community fair and a little bit safe for both sellers and buyers. Here are some written rules to follow.

Selling Rules

  1. No misleading post or abusive behavior.
  2. No multiple reservations on a single item or stock.
  3. No reservation cancellation without prior notice.

Breaking one of the rules will be punishable by Account Suspension to Permanent Ban.

Buying Rules

  1. No reservation cancellation without prior notice.

Breaking the rule will reflect a negative impact on buyer's profile.

Since we don't have profile feedback system yet. You can report them to Feedback page along with details. Please don't forget to include their dotagiftx profile and if you have images please use link from imgur and alike.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding this feel free to reach out on Discord or submit a comment on feedback.

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