Frequently Asked Questions

What is DotagiftX?

Market place for Dota 2 Giftables, items that can only be gift or gift-once are probably belong here. If you are on Dota2Trade subreddit, its basically the Giftable Megathread with a kick.

What items I can find or post here?

Anything Dota 2 items that can be gift to a friend like set bundles from Collector's Cache, Immortal Treasure items, or rare in-game drops from Treasure of the Cryptic Beacon.

Why do I need to sign in with Steam?

You don't, if you are looking for offers it's open to public and you can contact the seller. If you are listing your items or placing a request we need to verify Steam account ownership and it will help users to check your profile and reputation.

Can I trust the users on this website?

Not really, its open for anyone so please be vigilant to scammers. User's transaction history are open and links to their SteamRep, Steam, and Dotabuff are listed for you to checkout.

What is reservation / reservation fee / deposit?

Some sellers requires a small fee to lock the item to buyer and this varies depending on the seller or the item. Reserved item status will not appear on search and profile listings to stop offering to other buyers. If you signed up, you can check your reservations here.

Why do I need to wait 30 days to send or receive an item?

Valve's gift restriction that you need to have 30 days as friend to send and receive Giftable items.

Do I need a Middleman?

If you asked, you probably do, specially on high-value items where scammers fuck around. DotagiftX ONLY suggest that you get the Middleman here  and read around.

How do I report scammers?

Please contact kudarap to ban the account on this site and you can submit a report on SteamRep or inquire on r/Dota2Trade.

Why do this?

Wanted to sell Giftable items using a website so it can be googled, and might be useful to others.