Expiring posts

Due to the number of outdated listings on the site, some improvements were made to make sure that posts were updated regularly by both seller and buyer. We will roll out the update on May 1, 2022 and start removing aged posts.

Listings - 30 days

Seller listings will be available on site for 30 days from posted date, they need to re-list their items and make necessary updates if needed and will reset the expiration.

Buy orders - 7 days

Buyer orders on the other hand will have 7 days validity and same with the item listings, they need to re-post their order if they still require it.

Let us know what you think by reaching us on Discord or send us a Feedback.

Also in this update, we added a new Treasures page and a subscription-based feature Dotagift+ to support the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my current listings?

No change but all your listing older than 30 days on effective date will be removed.

What will happen with my current buy orders?

No change but all your orders older than 7 days on effective date will be removed.

Do I need to re-post after it expires?

Yes, as it will be automatically removed after the expiration date.

Does updating the price resets the expiration?

Yes, because that is the point of this update. Updating the listing with same pricing will also reset the expiration.

What should I do to avoid re-posting?

We do have new features on site where you need to subscribe a month for your items to not expire. Please refer to Dotagift+ page.

Why the sudden change?

This is to ensure that all items posted on site is updated and active users will be prioritize.